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Shoal Tent / Floating Tent

SKU: 1001

Presenting the Shoal Tent, a first of its benevolent inflatable drifting pontoon with a tent topper that enables you to rest out on the water. Camp on your most loved homestead lake, saltwater level, spring or vortex on your most loved waterway. 

The world is your waterbed. 

Rest under the stars, on the water, feel the stream and let it quiet you to rest. 


    There are no tent posts, the tent structure is absolutely inflatable and when expanded faces high breezes without an issue. The pontoon body has three air chambers, two in the lower tube, one in the structure. The floor is a 6" thick drop sewed high-weight floor that serves as your pneumatic bed. The tent texture is substantial, waterproof, fixed with rock solid #8 zippers. 

    The tent topper sides all append and isolate utilizing rock solid snare and circle for the capacity to utilize only the best and get in and out effortlessly through the sides if the need emerges all of a sudden. 

    D-Rings on the sides take into account simple grapple connection. 

    The cylinders swell to 3 PSI the drop sewed floor blows up to 10 PSI. 


    Outside to outside 8'x8' impression. 

    Inside agreeable remittance for individuals up to 6'- 3" tall setting down. Taller than that you can lay your head on the cylinders or rest corner to corner, similar to Mike does. 

    Standing room is up to 6'- 3" in the center. 

    Reef Tent packs down into a burrito move style convey and capacity sack approx. 60"x24"x18". 

    Pack accompanies Storage sack, fix unit, and manual foot siphon. 

    Load of tent is approx. 130 pounds. Item is foreign.


    We ships in 4 weeks of time.

$1,800.00 Regular Price
$1,620.00Sale Price